Love – L – A to Z Challenge

You are loved! Someone or something within this universe loves you. There is someone looking up to you. There is someone willing to help you. Just ask. You are loved! If you don't show up for work, without a warning, your colleagues might wonder or even worry, where you are. If you go quiet on … Continue reading Love – L – A to Z Challenge

Christmas Away From Home by Katharina Barten | Advent 2018 – Day 21

Christmas Away From Home By Katharina Barten A year ago I was in Canada living with a host family and I was experiencing some Christmas traditions that we don’t have here or at least that I don’t practice. One of them was baking a gingerbread house. I had never done that before but I got … Continue reading Christmas Away From Home by Katharina Barten | Advent 2018 – Day 21

A flowery surprise

The teargas had us coughing and crying. Our path was sprinkled with protesters about to engage in a streetfight. When we finally put some distance between us and the angry mob, the fresh air of the empty park was a very good reason to smile. Still, we did not linger, we wanted to feel the city's pavement and cobblestones beneath our feet. This weekend my family and quite a few friends of my family joined us for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. There was everything: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and so on.

Spotlight on Judith Charlotte

  Judith Charlotte Some pictures are assembled with a lot of thought, others are simple snapshots that are full with beauty. Judith Charlotte, a young fashion designer living in Paris,  shares magical shots on her Instagram account. She has an eye for detail, and for beauty where we would least expect it. … Continue reading Spotlight on Judith Charlotte


3 Three years ago, I was having breakfast with S. I had spend an interesting night, contractions had ripped me from my sleep, but a shower later I was peacefully snoring again, the contractions continued. When I arrived in the Maternity Ward at 11:30am I was already at 4 or 5 cm. Things went quickly, … Continue reading 3