King – K – A to Z Challenge

“We want to see the new king!”
“We want to see our new king!”
“We want to see the new king of our country!”

The crowds outside were deafening. The new king didn’t want to show his face, he wanted to sleep. To sleep of the grief, the shock, the excess alcohol he had ingested in the past few hours. As he was a teetotaler this was especially tough for him.

“Sir” his new household member, a royal butler approached the new king.
“Oh don’t call me sir, I am as much a Sir as you are. ” Keith replied, trying to ignore his throbbing head. “Actually, you are much more of a sir than I am”.

“Where is the king?”
“We want to see the new king!”

“Are you sure that this isn’t a terrible mistake?” Keith looked at his butler. “Isn’t this some fake-news gone terribly wrong?”

“No, Sir, erm Keith” his butler muttered, “everyone seems to be dead and you are the next one in line to the throne”.

“It is a complot!” Keith started to plead, he wasn’t ready to be king. He hadn’t figured out what he wanted to do in his life, but it wasn’t being a monarch, that was sure.

“Well no. Do you remember anything of last night?”

“I just remember that I was crowned” Keith trailed off, this really seemed as unlikely as anything. Hadn’t he been the son of a single mom? Okay, it was true that somehow she worked little and they always had enough money, more than most of his friends, and that without rich grandparents.

“Your father was very close to the throne, and even though he never married your mother, he tried to keep an eye on her, and he made sure that you were known to his solicitor and present in his will. It turns out that you bypassed all of your siblings as your mom has more blue blood than was initially known, and your siblings aren’t known for their best behaviour.
So out you go now, wave at them!”

“Long live the King!”