Happy Birthday Erasmus!

Or the memories of an Erasmus Exchange student

This Summer the Erasmus programme celebrated it’s 30th birthday: Happy Birthday. It therefore seems that this year is the perfect moment to share some of my Erasmus memories.

It was very cold the day that we went to visit Schindler’s factory, so cold that the pen my professor was meant to use to sign my report card was frozen, after trying a few pens, we finally found someone who had ink that didn’t freeze at the temperatures we were going through. It was the last class that I would attend in Poland during my Erasmus exchange Continue reading “Happy Birthday Erasmus!”

K is for Kraków #AtoZChallenge

K is for Kraków

After a quite adventurous and long, longer than planned train ride, (which in itself is already a story), I finally arrived in Kraków. A friend of my great aunt picked me up at the main station, checked me in to the student housing where I was meant to live for the next two weeks and made sure that I had some proper food before going to bed. The bed was far from what you can call comfortable, I really had the feeling that I had arrived in the soviet era…

shop in Kraków, Poland Continue reading “K is for Kraków #AtoZChallenge”

W is for Wawel Castel – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Wawel Schloss | Château du Wawel

I understood nothing, that was said or sung. I was not part of it. I knew that I was an outsider here. But here people weren’t here to judge others. I did not really fit in, but it felt ok to be there. It was still dark outside when we left home. When we arrived the day only started to dawn, slowly. We were almost late, … Continue reading W is for Wawel Castel – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Wawel Schloss | Château du Wawel