Magic Castle by Solveig’s Daughter | Advent 2018 Day 10

Can you spot the fairy?  I asked my daughter, who is 4 now soon to be 5 if she wanted to participate in the Advent Calendar with a drawing. She said yes and set out to draw a Christmas drawing. That was a few days ago and it still is not finished, as Christmas trees … Continue reading Magic Castle by Solveig’s Daughter | Advent 2018 Day 10


She had been blessed with natural beauty. He studied her sun-kissed face. There was not even the slightest hint of makeup. Yet, he felt that she was more beautiful than any girl that had ever been this close to him. "Hatchi" she sneezed. "Sorry", she muttered while trying to regain her original position. He smiled, … Continue reading Wings

M is for Mmm #AtoZChallenge

M is for Mmm My A to Z muse seems to be on a break for the letter M. Well I actually have a lot of M words floating in my head, Mother, Mistake (wait that was last year's M word), Minute, Midway (as we are midway through the Alphabet today!), Müll (meaning garbage), Madame, Music, Middle school. None of those words really stuck, at … Continue reading M is for Mmm #AtoZChallenge