If we were having coffee – 11 July 2015

Where did this week go? It went by so quickly that I have the feeling that last time we sat down for our weekend chat was only yesterday.

How are you doing? How was your week? Anything planned for the week to come? Have you written, blogged, photographed anything exciting? Have you come across some new blogs? Have you written/read anything that you are dying to share?

today’s choice of drinks 🙂

But before we get started, it’s getting hotter again, but not as hot as last Saturday, thus you need a drink! What would you like? A good Pu-erh? Or a glass of water? You have the choice between Cortex and Vittel. My favourite of the two is Vittel, as it has an amazing balance mineral and taste wise, but Cortex is not far away. I could go on about water preferences for hours (as I discovered the importance of a great water during my pregnancy) but that’s because I came across this post by Celine the other day where she posted a Cortex add, in France it is completely marketed for weight loss, thus it’s women’s water, all pink… Vittel is a tour de France sponsor…

Now enough said about drinks. My week went by so quickly, I don’t really recall what I did. Not enough writing for sure. After last week’s coffee post I shared a 4th of July memory, I then posted a drawing I did on Tuesday (it’s now on the wall, as you can see in the picture with the drinks), I posted the second and last instalment of my 2 part travel series, but then completely failed at putting up a Friday book review/recommendation, for now it is only written in my head… I have been quite active commenting on other blogs, but not so good when it came to responding to comments on mine. I have also gone on a great following spree, and am looking forward to your recommendations of blogs to follow.

So yesterday, I did not manage to post anything, but I was busy shopping for garden materials, so that our windowsills will be all green. Turns out I have to go back soon, maybe this afternoon and buy more things.IMG_2985 On the way to the store, we were surprised by a huge group of cyclists, all dressed in yellow, some wearing wings on their backs, Eiffel Towers or stuffed animals on their heads, and quite often spotting a Scandinavian flag on their cheek. I think for about 10 minutes they stopped the traffic, and well people weren’t happy, so many were honking their horns to get through… Turns out, it’s the world’s largest charity cycling team!

On the 14th we’ll be treated to a presentation of France’s military strength, I might go with little one to have a glimpse at the airplanes and tanks… The airplanes can be quite impressive, last year we went to the parade on the Champs Elysées  and even though there was a lot of noise, little one slept.

I have some errants to take care of now, so I will have to leave you. But it was great to have you around for a short chat. See you in the days to come! Now go on, and check out the other coffee posts over at Diana’s place, and make sure you join the linky with your own post.

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig (the photos are hosted on flickr)