If we were having coffee (on the 4th of November 2018)

If we were having coffee today, then you’d tell me that I don’t look fresh. I’d reassure you and tell you that I am a whole lot better. But I have been sick for over a week, therefore I did not have you over for coffee last week. You’d probably ask me what I have, and I’d raise my shoulders to just let them drop again, I have all symptoms of the flu, except for joint-pain.

If we were having coffee, then we’d be sipping hot ginger with honey and lemon. It helps a lot to make things more bearable. I’d incite you to make most of the weather. The sky is blue and it looks like a good photography light!

Today is the last day of the school holidays (S had a little over a week off), we stayed in Paris and went on some day trips. One was just to Notre Dame and the Marais, the other was to Versailles (I started feeling sick when we came home from there). Those two days were a lot of fun and food for the eyes.  Continue reading “If we were having coffee (on the 4th of November 2018)”

Advent Calendar Day 3: Oh, Christmas Tree by Melanie Noell Bernard

Image by Melanie Noell Bernard, wreath by Lileya of Deviantart

Oh, Christmas Tree by Melanie Noell Bernard

Traditions are those activities which take place every year. They’re the things we look forward to, and one of the best times for them to occur is during the holidays. The holidays come around every year. Same day, same time, same tradition.

My family wasn’t one to have a whole lot of traditions when it came to holidays, specifically Christmas. Christmas was simply a time filled with buying presents, wrapping them when no one else was home, cooking a big turkey, and relaxing in the glow of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. In fact, it was the Christmas tree, itself, that held the most tradition in my house. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 3: Oh, Christmas Tree by Melanie Noell Bernard”