Advent, Advent 2017!

Be part of the 3rd edition of multi-contributor Advent Calendar!

Christmas is coming! No, this won’t be a post about how Christmas products are arriving on the shelves way too early, they are in my mind… I know we haven’t passed Halloween yet, but it is time that I make the big announcement EVERYONE has been waiting for since the 24th of December 2016… Continue reading “Advent, Advent 2017!”


Seasonal Magic

Last week I had the chance to be a guest on Melanie Noell Bernard’s blog! As she too had a Christmas series going on.

So maybe today, on the 4th day of Christmas you might want to have a look at the magic of the Christmas season 🙂


The entire season of Christmas is filled with magic for Solveig and her family. Read more about what adds to that magic and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Seasonal Magic

Gift of the Magi by Urszula Humienik | Day 14 | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 14 | Advent Calendar

Gift of the Magi by Urszula Humienik

“What are you reading?”

“The Gift of the Magi. It used to be my favorite story to read this time of year… but I don’t know. Now it seems too simplified. Maybe life back then was simpler. People didn’t have much. Della and Jim definitely didn’t, but they had each other.” Sheryl looked off into a darker corner of the room trying to imagine what it would have looked like over a century ago. Continue reading “Gift of the Magi by Urszula Humienik | Day 14 | Advent Calendar 2016”

Why He Came by Rachel Rawls | Day 9 | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 9 | Advent Calendar

Why He Came by Rachel Rawls

This Christmas poem was written by my mother. I would like to share it with you, with her permission, to get into the spirit of the holidays. It’s a poem about the Christian holiday and the meaning behind it.


“Why He Came”


The Christmas tree

Shines full of light

Presents below

Stockings hung tight

Continue reading “Why He Came by Rachel Rawls | Day 9 | Advent Calendar 2016”

Franz and Helga and Their Just Rewards by Holly Geely | Day 8 | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 8 | Advent Calendar

Franz and Helga and Their Just Rewards by Holly Geely

The cold winds of winter blew outside the cottage. Franz and Helga were the brother and sister who lived inside the cottage. They had been farmers once but that was a long time ago.

Franz and Helga had boarded up their windows against the chill. They had little food on the table but Franz was too old and Helga was too infirm; neither could brave the storm to collect more.

“I told you we should have hired help,” said Franz.

“What good would that have done?” said Helga.

“We could have continued working the land, and we would have food to eat,” said Franz.

“We will make money when we sell the merchandise,” said Helga.

Helga was convinced that their hand-carved toilet roll holders would catch on with the locals. Franz was not so sure, but he could not argue with his sister when she had an idea. So far, he had been patient. That night he might have pressed the issue, but there came a knock at the door. Continue reading “Franz and Helga and Their Just Rewards by Holly Geely | Day 8 | Advent Calendar 2016”

The Tale Of The Cursed Hat by Lucy Brazier | The Sundays of Advent | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

1st Sunday of Advent | Advent Calendar

The Tale Of The Cursed Hat by Lucy Brazier

Once upon a time in a town far away, there lived a Hat-maker. His hats were the very finest hats money could buy and all the richest and fanciest people came from miles around to purchase his wares. His creations were fashioned from the most curious materials and stitched in ways unknown to other milliners. But they also had something rather quite special about them.

You see, the Hat-maker’s mother was a Cunning Woman who knew the ways of bending the natural nature of things to her own intentions. Using her tricksy devices she crafted various charms to be sewn into the hats, which flattered the wearer in ways other than a simple hat might. Continue reading “The Tale Of The Cursed Hat by Lucy Brazier | The Sundays of Advent | Advent Calendar 2016”

It’s almost time for …

It’s almost time for the annual Advent Calendar

All I need is your contribution and for time to pass a little slower so that everyone can be creative and I can review and set up the posts.

the world of orchidsLast year I had the crazy idea to host a multi-contributor advent calendar. It worked great and many contributors found new readers and friends and many of loyal readers found blogs they enjoy reading. Memories, stories and traditions were shared. If you want an idea, then see here.

This year, I am looking for 24 contributions let’s make that 25 to start in style on the first advent Sunday with a pre-calendar post (I might accept more to do super Advent Sundays).

So what am I looking for?

For this year I thought that stories should take the centre stage. Flash and micro fiction, longer short stories, stories told through poems, songs, photos, paintings, drawings, short films… The stories should be in the holiday spirit (Christmassy, Decembery {winery or summery depending on your story and hemisphere it is set in} as well as influenced by other religious or pagan celebrations that happen towards the end of the year). If you are unsure you can always “pitch” your idea.

Writing/creating guidelines:

  • Be creative
  • Tell a story, fiction, non fiction, a legend etc.
  • Don’t worry about word count if it’s 0 words for a snow scene painting, a haiku, 50 words for a piece of Santa flash fiction or 1500 for a touching story about fining a Christmas tree in the desert then that’s ok
  • Use only images that you have the right to use (google does not translate as copyright free)
  •  When using images that you did not take, but have the permission to use, credit the artist and link to the source, even if you are using a site such as pixabay
  • Respect your deadline – standard deadline is 3 days prior to the post’s publication, but there is an exception for those posts that go up from the 1st to the 5th of December (I am super busy Thanksgiving and the first Sunday of December, and am quite sure that I will have next to no time to edit and post stories at that time) so I would be grateful if your post arrives in my inbox on the 25th of November or before.
  • You can use something that you have posted on your blog before and that you feel should have some more reads.
  • Send your story in the body of an email, a word document, text format or in pages – just if you are using images, please don’t put them into your word document

Bio guidlines:

  • write a bio about yourself, if you are shy/don’t know what to write I can write one, or ask a friend
  • include links to your website, blog, social profiles…
  • if you have books, paintings, music or anything else that you might offer, coaching, teaching, etsy products etc. let us know
  • you can include a picture of yourself

Commenting guidlines:

  • Aim to reply to 2 to 3 comments that have been left on your contribution
  • Do your bit, check out the stories that have been posted the day before and after yours, for example your post is the 10th, then check out the 9th and the 11th. If your post on the 1st then check out the 24th and the 2nd, and if you are the 24th well then check out the 23rd and the 1st. You don’t have to do it on the date in question, just do it before the end of December, so that everyone gets at least a few reads
  • Feel free to share the posts that you enjoy, as well as your own

And now send me a message either by filling out the contact box below or directly if you already have my email address.

Include: the top 3 dates you would like to post on (1-24 of December plus 27th of November), I will try to give you your first pick. Your idea, if you already have one, or the confirmation that you are in!

Get creative!

Thank you in advance for contributing. I might be slow with replies, so don’t stress about that.

Christmas Decorations… – Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge

I have mentioned before, that in my family the Christmas tree is revealed on the 24th of December, this way it can be fully enjoyed during the twelve days of Christmas. Some people have the tradition to take it down on Epiphany after letting all the candles burn to the end, others, according to wikipedia, wait until the beginning of February to take down the tree.

On the 22nd or so, I saw someone put their Christmas tree into a tree bag outside of their house for pickup, a bit too early, and I have seen quite a few trees collected in the nearby park yesterday (some years as early as the morning of the 25th you can find out chucked out trees…). If we would do that, then we’d have either no tree at all, or get rid of it after too little time.

So today, on the 3rd day of Christmas I want to join in Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge by sharing what’s on top of the tree, but also what else you can found in the room dedicated to Christmas. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, the lighting was not optimal…

This angel sits atop the tree. If I recall correctly he was a present my paternal grandmother made for my parents. Over the years his face made from wax has lost it’s contours. When I was little, he was holding candles in his hands, but they melted with the heat from tree’s candles below.

Christmas 2015

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If we were having coffee – 26/12/2015

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to be quiet, little one is sleeping, she seems exhausted from Christmas…

zotter chocolate If we were having coffee, well then we would like always be having tea, and I would propose some Zotter Chocolates. We have more than on the picture, but these are mine. I had the right to order my own Christmas presents… S and I gave a lot of Chocolates to our families for Christmas, to give you an idea: I got a discount for quantity… In the new year I might do a review on all the chocolates we have at home, after all there are some new flavours to discover. Continue reading “If we were having coffee – 26/12/2015”

Merry Christmas! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Joyeux Noël!

Snow in Zakopane

I would like to wish you a very nice Christmas! That you will make a lot of happy memories during these 12 festive days to come, that you will share good times with your loved ones. Let your heart and mind come to peace, feel the magic, and listen to the silence, just like the one we can hear when the world is covered by a layer of thick snow just like on the picture above.

I took this photo in 2009 in November while discovering the town of Zakopane in Poland. For me this image is just so peaceful, beautiful and simple. And I love using it for my Christmas cards. So this year, it is the Christmas card for all my readers.

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noël!

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.