Christmas Hassles -Day 23 Advent 2017

Christmas Hassles Day 23 Advent 2017 It happens that we don't open our advent Calendars on the right day, that we are a day late or so. I am sure that even the most devoted of readers of this year's calendar are sometimes a day late in reading. Who am I to blame you? It's … Continue reading Christmas Hassles -Day 23 Advent 2017

Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate – Day 16 Advent 2017

Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate Day 16 Advent 2017 “Do you have any money for us Miss?” It must have been the 10th time on her way home from work that someone was actively asking her for money. Like the other times that evening in mid-December she shook her head, said “sorry” and tried … Continue reading Christmas Time Comes with Hot Chocolate – Day 16 Advent 2017

Christmas Mash-Up by Stephanie Ascough – Day 9 Advent 2017

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! Building holiday traditions with my family makes me happy. We may be slow to decorate, but the handmade ornaments, Christmas candles and fragrant evergreen tree delight us all nonetheless. We’ll enjoy looking at Christmas lights and singing carols at our church.

What has fascinated me for several years now are the many origins of Christmas celebrations. Refill your cocoa mug and light an evergreen candle, because this is gonna be fun.

PANETTONE SEASON! by Judith Works – Day 6 Advent 2017

Actually, it’s the holiday season. In the US this means from Thanksgiving to New Year’s day. So I have about five weeks to indulge in my favorite treat: panettone, that traditional sweet and oh-so-delicious Italian Christmas bread. About the first of November the stores, even in my corner of Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, begin stacking up the colorful boxes in windows and shelves and I begin loading up the shopping cart. The bread is distinctive – tall and domed and nestled in a paper cuff.

Yuletide at Castle Marsh by Jemima Pett – Day 2 Advent Calendar 2017

Here we are in the lead-up to Yuletide again.  It’s such a busy time, but very enjoyable, and although he would never admit it, it’s a time Fred finds very stressful these days.

There are a lot of duties on the King of Marsh, and he’s already despatched three of them, starting with the Solstice Speech, which traditionally reminds us of the passage of the sun round the sky and the Circle of Life.  This is not exactly what Fred’s Philosophical Thoughts say, as he has it on good authority that our world travels round the sun.