Christmas Critters by Tara Paray | Advent 2018 – Day 16 – 3rd Sunday

These little critters greeted me on a Christmas tree at a senior living facility my choir sang at. It was the one member’s mom’s holiday party, and we were the entertainment. When I joined the choir,  I thought it would be fun,  but when I found out they perform for seniors as part of their mission, I knew I was with the right group of people.

We sang for about an hour — holiday songs and classics by the Everly Brothers and The Turtles. Their smiling faces and loud voices when singing along made this holiday season extra special.

Tara Paray, a four-time Advent Calendar blog participant, is a chocolate lover living in Pennsylvania, USA. She’s a writer who loves to laugh and make other people smile. Visit her at
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A Unique Christmas Ornament by Gary Wilson | Advent 2018 Day 8

A Unique Christmas Ornament

by Gary Wilson

It was only a couple of days until Christmas and the weather in Petaluma was cold and dry.  Back in Colorado Springs, our new home for the past 6 months, I heard the temperature was dropping and, with the wind chill, was  reaching down to the single digits – brrrrrr!  I wasn’t sure my California family was ready for that kind of cold yet and was glad we were here.

I had just finished changing the baby’s diaper and asked my wife, “Hon, this little guy is getting fussy.  What do you think, is it time to put him down for the night?”

“Yea, most likely.  What time is it?”

“A little after 8.”  She walked over to take the baby.  “I’ll feed him and put his down.”

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