Making My Christmas List by Tara Paray – Day 3 Advent 2017 | The Sundays of Advent: 1st Sunday

Making My Christmas List By Tara Paray

Day 3 Advent Calendar 2017 | The Sundays of Advent: 1st Sunday

number-2015077_640You’re never too old to write a Christmas wish list. It’s just the items on my adult list aren’t sparkly or fun; they don’t require assembly or batteries. They do require work, though, and from everybody who cares.I discovered the list included in the song below when I was young. I thought for sure when I grew up that we wouldn’t need this list anymore. Unfortunately, some of the items on it haven’t been “delivered” yet.

My wish, like hers, is that one day we won’t have to ask for these things anymore. Until then, this year, again, I make these wishes. And I do what I can to make them come true in my little world. If only it would spread all around the world…

I still have hope.


My Grown-Up Christmas List
Performed by Amy Grant (1992)


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