Chocolate Countdown by Tara Paray | Advent 2018 Day 1

Chocolate Countdown

By Tara Paray

As this Advent Calendar blog series gets underway (again! — yay!) and Advent for Christians starts tomorrow, I’m beginning my countdown today with a very special calendar. I’ve had Advent calendars made of paper with little date windows you open. I’ve also had the kind that hang on the wall, felt or some other fabric, with tiny dated pockets a holly leaf inhabits, day to day.

This year, though, I finally found the perfect Advent countdown calendar for me. It’s a tree made of boxes, each containing some handmade and caramel-covered chocolate goodies. Now this is a countdown I can really get behind. Christmas is something to look forward to already, but I’m going to have such tasty fun getting there!
May your Christmas season be filled with decadent delights!

Tara Paray, a four-time Advent Calendar blog participant, is a chocolate lover living in Pennsylvania, USA. She’s a writer who loves to laugh and make other people smile. Visit her at
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Come back over the month to read Tara’s second post and the post of the other participants. If you are interested in participating in this year’s advent calendar, there is still space

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