Homegrown chilli peppers

Homegrown Peppers

These peppers were meant to be small. This is the 3rd year that we have grown our own peppers. Christmas 2012 we got some tiny peppers, but quite hot peppers in Germany and baptised them Piments de Iena as we did not know their name. We planted some seeds and were rewarded with many small peppers as the species (don’t know it’s real name) grows a lot of fruit. Then we planted a few seeds again.
This Spring for the 3rd time in a row we took the seeds of our cross and sowed them. This time we opened a dry pepper and put the seeds into the soil. To our surprise all of the plants that grew nice and strong started growing huge pepper crops except for one that kept the original size. Now, I know that cross pollination must have happened, especially seen the fact that we had a few bell peppers next to our tiny peppers. We even tried to grow some habaneros in the past or “habs” as the connoisseurs call them, but they do not do so well in our climate on the windowsill. What you can see in the bowl above are the peppers of one single plant. The outcome of the crossing of tiny peppers and bell peppers did not turn out too badly: we have the yield of the tiny peppers, the heat of the spicy peppers but we approach the size of some more impressive peppers.
I have already saved some seeds of this lot, but I am definitely not sure if they will grow again. The likelihood of them being sterile is there after all.

As I joined NanoPoblano for this November and am thus a Pepper, I figured that sharing my peppers is a good idea.

Have you ever undertaken a balcony gardening project?
Has a gardening project surprised you by it’s unexpected turnout?

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If we were having coffee – 3 October 2015

Come on in my dear! How have you been? I have been a bit absent from the world of blogging lately. I have not even seen you for coffee, erm, tea in two weeks now. I have an excuse though…

Chilli Peppers and Basil If we were having coffee, I would ask you to excuse the mess my appartement currently is in. I am trying to organise things, but with a toddler around that’s not always easy. Besides the mess, we have a big chilli plant in our apartment, which due to renovation work has moved inside. The fruits are enormous, they were meant to be tiny, but due to cross pollination last year, genes have been accidentally mixed with bell peppers…

I hope that you don’t mind the music. Today my daughter and I are listening to some Woodpigeon. I saw them once or twice while living in Newcastle and back then made sure to write a review of the gig. I am happy that some of my old writing is still around on the internet. Because I am regularly kicking myself that I deleted my personal blogs years ago, without saving my writing… This also means I should try to save everything that is out there. I am very curious to find out if the articles that I wrote for my school’s newspaper are still available somewhere. Mom, have you kept copies?

Recently, I have been building up courage and confidence and am now telling people about my blog, I guess passing the 6 months milestone helps. My newest German student managed to extract so much information from me yesterday, that he might be reading this post today. I have to be careful what I write now, with all this new audience.

Would you like some tea? This morning we received a whole lot of tea by Yunnan Sourcing. And maybe you want to taste a oolong, a black tea, a white or green tea. These teas are all from China and of amazing quality. What do you think of it? Don’t be surprised, little one will probably begging for some tea, I blame her dad for that.

So you are questioning me, why have you been so slow with answering comments? Why have you not been to my blog? Why have you been writing so little? Why haven’t you had me for coffee in weeks now?
Sorry, sometimes it is important to take a break, to come back with inspiration and quality! I was in Germany for a weekend, as my youngest cousin started primary school. I was back home for a night before leaving for Normandy. We had a little family holiday, just the three of us. It was definitely beautiful, refreshing, and inspirational. Yes, there will be a few Normandy posts, but I have to finish my Austrian Adventure too. S had a week off from work, so we enjoyed being home too, and I noticed that blogging is something that I do in my own time. Blogging + writing = me time, little one still has a hard time understanding this.
My mom celebrated her birthday, and a few friends of hers which are often mine too came to celebrate, my uncle was there too.

Now, I feel refreshed, motivated and inspired to have a very productive October in terms of writing. I do realise that I have not written many short stories, especially flash fiction, lately. I have to correct that!

Zotter Chocolate Would you like some chocolate? I have some amazing Zotter Chocolate. Josef Zotter makes my favourite, favourite chocolate. What about some pink strawberry chocolate lightbulbs? After all “they will light up your ideas”, and that for anyone writing is good. Or some mango or passionfruit chocolates?

Before I let you go, make sure you head over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, she is hosting this chatty weekend blog hop. Make sure you check out her post and those of the other coffee sharers, and share them on twitter #WeekendCoffeeShare

One last question. I am new to twitter, and completely lost. I have read some twitter advice posts in the past, and know that one certain days I should use hashtags. But what hashtags on what days? And I am also lost for the whole twitter etiquette. If you have some tips (maybe something you wrote in the past) let me know.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by, Solveig

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