Weekend Coffee Share 22/07/2017

Come on in! Don’t look at me like that, I heard you come up the stairs. You know I have time to hear your arrival even if you climb the steps quiet as a mouse, we are on the 5th floor here…

I hope that you don’t mind taking off your shoes. Now come on, time for kisses!  Continue reading “Weekend Coffee Share 22/07/2017”

Weekend Coffee Share 12/11/2016

Oh my, how long has it been since I’ve had you over for a coffee share? I’d rather not check, because I know it has been ages. As I have mentioned in my last post I have been absent for blogging for a very long time. Reasons for that are of the most varied natures threat can exist. Anyone worried about me, there is no need. I am happy and keen to share news with you, but I like keeping some suspense so not today… if you are a “between the lines reader” like I am you might already know.
If we were having coffee I’d propose to make some hot chocolate with British organic milk bought at Marks and Sparks (I have not tried it yet). No, I haven’t moved, we just have everything British at a walking distance, so tonight we had backed beans, cheddar and marmite on our Parisian table.
If we were sipping our hot chocolates, then we would also be talking a bit of the US elections. I am sorry! On Wednesday I checked my phone and saw à WhatsApp message sent to my family that told me everything. I hope that after Brexit and now this populism won’t continue it’s rise. Sadly, I must admit that I was not surprised by the outcome, the Brexit referendum did do some foreshadowing.

Politics aside. How are you doing? Please excuse my lack of communication (which might continue due to my schedule).

Little one, from now on I will refer to her as “Maus” as she is very tall for her 2 years and 9 months, has started the Halte Garderie, which is a sort of daycare but she’ll only be there two afternoons per week at the most 8h per week (which will rarely happen due to my schedule), if she really enjoys it we can sign her up for at the most 16h. It’s state subsidised so we aren’t paying much, but it permits me to propose more hours to students who cannot come to my house (they are students through a language school). This week she had to go for a little while every day to get used to it. Friday was a public holiday so she’ll be back for 2 hours on Monday.

Since mid September my business has been taking off like never before. I have been working as a freelance teacher since March 2013. There has been a maternity leave, fewer hours due to childcare and spending time with my ill mother, but I must say it is true it takes 3 years for a freelance business to truly work. This year my students have been aged 7 to 66! I have now fully embraced Skype teaching with 3 regulars over that medium that I am confident that I can venture into other fields in the year to come.

If we were having coffee, then you would be shaking your head at the time, it’s 11pm here and i am having you over for a hot chocolate?! Yes! But that is Maus’ fault, I had one of those days with few students that I used to make some new documents (German grammar) and that I also wanted to really use for writing a coffee post. So yes now it’s time for you to head over to Diana’s blog for her post and those of the other contributors.

Wait, before you close the door, I will be hosting an ADVENT CALENDAR this December and if all goes well tomorrow a call for participation will come up. It was such a great experience last year and I said that I would do it again. I just have to write up that one post to tell you what I have in mind this time around. I am hoping for 24 contributors…

(Please excuse spelling mistakes and wonky formatting, I am on my phone…, I will fix things later, add links etc.)