Advent Calendar Day 14: A Whirlwind by Camille de Fleurville


A Whirlwind by Camille de Fleurville

A whirlwind. A turmoil. Laughs and plays. Whispered secrets. Doors quickly shut with a swish and a smile. Christmas has always been a time of waiting and of joy. A time of recollection as well. A time of night that slowly rises into dawn, from dark blue through purple, mauve, pink and, suddenly, gold. And then, an enchanted week when all stops and it seems that time stretches to welcome love and peace.

This is how we lived Christmas at home. And this is how I live it still. Wherever I have been living, there has been these feelings and this atmosphere. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 14: A Whirlwind by Camille de Fleurville”