If we were having coffee – 2 May, 2015

IMG_2553 - Version 2 If we were having coffee, I would propose to make some great tea, maybe a Puh Erh or Oolong, because I do not really drink coffee. I would then sit down with you and tell you that I am all new to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Part Time Monster.

We would talk about many things. I would tell you about the A to Z challenge, which I greatly enjoyed, but I would not tell you too much either, because there will be a reflections post on the topic.

IMG_2524I would let you know that I am so happy to have developed a blogging habit, that I am keen to continue blogging regularly, that I have some stories begging to be written, some series taking shape and my imagination running at full speed.

I would tell you about little one teething, she’s got 4 teeth trying to get through at the moment. You would try to talk quietly to not wake her sleeping in her sling against me.

IMG_2570Of course I would ask you how you have been, what your week has been like. Were you part of A to Z too? What are your plans for the week to come? You would answer sipping your tea and eating a piece of tarte tatin.

I guess that we would talk about the weather, people always do… I would tell you that we went from summer temperatures to a week of rain, which is good too, as it lets nature unfold. I would show you some pictures I took recently that I have been longing to share on my blog.IMG_2504

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster, this is the first time that I am participating, and I do not yet know, if it will be regular or not.

Text and Pictures (hosted on Flickr) by Solveig Werner