Halfway Into the A to Z Challenge – Inspirational Insomnia – Thank You All

Wow, I cannot believe it! We are already half way through the A to Z Challenge, and up to now I have managed to post every day. Today’s post is ready to go, but before that I want to give you a recap post on the challenge.

I just woke up froFlower2SolveigWernerm a very short night, I was plagued by inspirational insomnia (I think that I was influenced by this post on motivation on All But The Kitchen Sink by Trista, who has thanks to her encouraging comments been a great motivation for me), it is horrible, I guess many of you have come to experienced at one moment or another. I just kept coming up with what to write for the letters to come, O, R, T are now written in my mind, meaning that today I will have to write them all up in order not to forget. I have my P, V, and W posts all lined up already, S is written in my notebook, and I do suppose that I will come up with something for the remaining letters, maybe some last minute flash fiction.

My blog is now a little over a month old, my first post went up on the 12th of March, and the A to Z Challenge has done so much good! I have the feeling to have found a good balance, now that I am writing. Thank you all for being there with me, and encouraging me to continue being creative.

Now with your questions and compliments I am seriously thinking about starting into a fun novel writing adventure. Maybe the fact that I am following Sarah Wathen, who just published her first novel on Monday (congratulations!!!), or that I have stumbled upon Elodie Nowodazij’s self publishing tips, has influenced this new idea.

  • This blog has passed the 25 follower Flower-SolveigWernermark, thank you all!
  • And the symbolic threshold of 100 likes.
  • Up to now “G is for Girl” has received the most comments.
  • Up to now “J is for Jump” has received the most likes.

Besides starting to build a great blogging community, I have also started to learn things about blogging in general. One great blog to learn about the dos and don’ts of blogging is Serins Sphere, but also my new blogging friend Lrod has shared some useful tips on blogging here. I did not realise, when going into this whole new adventure, that commenting was such an important part of blogging.

And now some questions for you:

  • Does it bother you if I post more than once a day? I do not wish to clutter anyones mailbox or wp reader… I am sorry if it does annoy you, today will be a 2 post day.
  • Will you come back, even after the A to Z Challenge is over? I guess we all worry about this one a bit.
  • Have you experienced inspirational insomnia?
  • If you are participating in the A to Z Challenge, how is it going for you?
  • Have you developed the habit to comment on other bloggers posts?

I am looking forward to your answers 🙂

Text and pictures by Solveig Werner

Sous la pluie | Im Regen | In the Rain 

Sous la pluie du printemps, je me promène avec ma fille. D’habitude je n’aime pas trop la pluie, mais cette fois-ci c’est different. Car il s’agit d’une pluie légère de printemps et pas d’une pluie froide.

Mes lunettes se couvrent de Pluie2-SWernergouttes, donc forcement de temps en temps je ne vois plus rien. Mais je fais attention, parce que ce qu’il y avoir est magnifique, magique, comme enchanté, très beau.

Il n’y a personne. C’est dû à la pluie, qui chasse le citadin des espaces verts. Pourtant c’est la pluie qui reveille la nature! C’est le baiser du prince charmant pour réveiller la princesse.

Petite joue dans des ruisseaux nouvellement formés. L’eau qu’elle joie pour les enfants! Pendant ce temps j’observe mon environnement. Je vois un merle sortir un enorme verre de terre de l’herbe verte et jouteuse en tirant très fort. J’écoute les oiseaux donner leur concert. La pluie leur donne la joie de vivre.

Je savoure le moment. J’écoute. Je regarde. Je respire l’air pur, en plein Paris. Je sents le printemps.

Autour de nous la nature explose. Chaque jour il y a plus de vie, plus de vert et plus de couleurs. Pluie3-SWernerCette année je vis le printemps différemment des années passées. Je savoure et vis pleinement ce printemps.

Im Frühlingsregen gehe ich mit meiner Tochter spazieren. Normalerweise mag ich Regen nicht besonders, aber dieses Mal ist es anders. Denn es handelt sich um einen leichten, nicht kalten Regen des Frühlings.

Zwischendurch kann ich nichts mehr erkennen, denn meine Brille ist bedeckt mit Wasser. Ich passe auf, denn es gibt so vieles schönes, magisches, wunderbares zu sehen!

Niemand ist da. Der Regen ist schuld, denn er verscheucht den Stadtbewohner. Aber er ist es, Pluie1-SWernerder die Natur wachküsst, wie der Kuss eines Prinzen eine Prinzessin zum Leben erweckt.

Kleinchen spielt in den frisch geformten Bächen. Wasser, eine Freude der Kinder. Währenddessen beobachte ich meine Umgebung. Ich sehe eine Amsel die einen Regenwurm aus dem grünen, saftigen Gras zieht. Ich lausche dem Vogelkonzert. Der Regen gibt ihnen die Freude am Leben.

Ich genieße den Augenblick. Ich höre. Ich schaue. Ich atme frische Luft im Herzen Paris. Ich spüre den Frühling.

Um uns herum explodiert die Natur. Jeden Tag gibt es mehr Leben, mehr Grün und mehr Farben. Dieses Jahr erlebe ich den Frühling anders als in den vergangenen Jahren. Ich genieße und erlebe das Frühjahr voll und ganz.

I am walking through the spring rain with my daughter. Most of the time I do not like rain. But this rain is different, it is a light, not cold rain of spring.

My glasses are covered by raindrops, at times I cannot see. But I am careful to not let this happen too often, because around us things are magnificent, magic, beautiful, Pluie3-SWernerunder a spell.

No one is there, because the rain keeps the city dweller inside. But it is the rain who has awaken nature. It is a prince charming giving life back to a princess through his magic kiss.

Little one plays in newly formed creeks. Water, a joy for kids! Meanwhile I observe our environment. I see a blackbird pulling a worm from the green juicy grass. I listen to the birds’ concert. The rain gives them the joy to live.

I enjoy the moment. I listen. I watch. I breath in fresh air in the heart of Paris. I feel the spring.

Around us nature is exploding. Every day there is more life, more green, and more colours. This year I live and savour spring a lot more than in the years past.

Texte et images par, Text und Bilder von, text and images by Solveig Werner