If we were having coffee – 2 May, 2015

IMG_2553 - Version 2 If we were having coffee, I would propose to make some great tea, maybe a Puh Erh or Oolong, because I do not really drink coffee. I would then sit down with you and tell you that I am all new to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Part Time Monster.

We would talk about many things. I would tell you about the A to Z challenge, which I greatly enjoyed, but I would not tell you too much either, because there will be a reflections post on the topic.

IMG_2524I would let you know that I am so happy to have developed a blogging habit, that I am keen to continue blogging regularly, that I have some stories begging to be written, some series taking shape and my imagination running at full speed.

I would tell you about little one teething, she’s got 4 teeth trying to get through at the moment. You would try to talk quietly to not wake her sleeping in her sling against me.

IMG_2570Of course I would ask you how you have been, what your week has been like. Were you part of A to Z too? What are your plans for the week to come? You would answer sipping your tea and eating a piece of tarte tatin.

I guess that we would talk about the weather, people always do… I would tell you that we went from summer temperatures to a week of rain, which is good too, as it lets nature unfold. I would show you some pictures I took recently that I have been longing to share on my blog.IMG_2504

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster, this is the first time that I am participating, and I do not yet know, if it will be regular or not.

Text and Pictures (hosted on Flickr) by Solveig Werner


Les fleurs du printemps – Frühlingsblumen – Spring Flowers

Fleur1-SolveigWerner C’est officiel! Le printemps a commencé, en tout cas au niveau du calendrier nous avons passé le cap. L’equinox a eu lieu.

Par contre en terme de températures printanières ce n’est pas encore gagné. (Petite doit encore mettre une écharpe et la plus part du temps un bonnet. Vu qu’elle commence à marcher, et surtout à s’arrêter partout c’est surtout à ses parents de se couvrir bien.)

Tout comme moi les plantes ont envi de printemps et d’un peu plus de chaleur. Dans le Parc Monceau c’est la fête de la floraison. Tous les jours un peu plus de couleurs et un peu plusFleur2-SolveigWerner de joie pour les yeux et les narines, car il y a à certains endroits des odeurs très agréables.

Jetzt ist es so weit, es ist offiziell Frühling! Er hat angefangen, zumindest wenn man auf den Kalendar schaut. Das Äquinoktium liegt hinter uns.

Aber von den Temperaturen her ist es noch nicht ganz so weit. (Kleinchen geht immer noch mit Schal und Mütze raus. Da sie momentan anfängt zu laufen und es mehr einFleur4-SolveigWerner “Spazierenstehen” ist, müssen wir uns Eltern auch gut warm anziehen.)

Genau wie ich, sehnen sich die Pflanzen nach Frühling und Wärme. Das Blütenfest hat im Park Monceau begonnen. Jeden Tag gibt es mehr und mehr Farben, eine Freude für die Augen und die Nase, denn es gibt Plätze an denen es wunderbar riecht.

It’s official! Spring has started, at least if we have a look at the calendar. The equinox now lies behind us.

Still, Fleur3-SolveigWernertemperature wise it still is not very spring like. (Little one still wears a scarf and a hat to keep her warm. Seen that she is starting to walk and to stop a lot, we as parents do have to cover up.)

And just like me the plants are longing for spring and warmth. At least in the Parc Monceau a flower festival has started. Every day there are more and more colours to be contemplated. A true pleasure for eyes and nose, as there are many places marked by wondrous smells.

Texte et photos par, Text und Fotos von, Text and Photos by Solveig Werner