Impatient – I – A to Z Challenge

He drums his fingers on the kitchen counter, impatiently waiting for the water to boil. Impatient you moan about your car stuck in traffic. With impatience, I check my post box in the morning. Where is that parcel? As the time to midnight creeps closer, the more impatient we grow. We have been patient for months waiting for the new Harry Potter. She is impatiently … Continue reading Impatient – I – A to Z Challenge


Vocalizing On Monday, my son started what is called “halte garderie”, which is a place where kids can go for up to 4 half days between the age of 15 months (or when they know how to walk well) and when they start Ecole Maternelle (which is like nursery school/kindergarten, but very much like school). This week was an adaptation week. Every day he went for … Continue reading Vocalizing