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Urban Wildlife

A city, alive!photo 1

I live in Paris, and one could think that such a big Metropole is only made up of lifeless buildings. But the many parks and squares in the city as well as greened balconies and windowsills, let a lot of wildlife develop itself peacefully. If it weren’t for the rats, but that was a different post. Continue reading “Urban Wildlife”

B is for Bee – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Biene

Bees are beautiful animals. They are a fragile species, shaken by so many things, pesticides, warm winters, vandalism, viruses… But without them where would we be? We need bees to pollinate our plants, as many fruits and vegetables will only produce if pollinated by bees. Do we really want to pollinate all flowers on an apple tree by hand? It would make them very expensive. Still there … Continue reading B is for Bee – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Biene