J is for Job #AtoZChallenge

J is for Job

For some reason today I am going to write about Job or Jobs. Strange how these words end up popping up in my head… Maybe it’s because I am trying to figure out what will be my next move, my next step. 

Distributing publicity and babysitting

The first job that I can remember was helping my friend distribute the newsletter of her church. I don’t think that there was a real payment, once we were paid with a box of biscuits and 10 marks for both of us, so 5 per person. It was more a symbolic way of thanking us. Continue reading “J is for Job #AtoZChallenge”

C is for Collection #AtoZChallenge

C is for Collection

If you had 100 million euros and just for fun you’d spend 1 million, what would you buy?

When I was recently asked the above question, I had no idea what to answer. In my head the picture of a beautiful wooden table popped up. But no object that I have been dreaming of for years, that if I had the means would be bought without the blink of an eye. I am not longing for beautiful necklaces, Van Gogh paintings, contemporary art sculptures, antique coins or Ming Porcelain.

It seems that I am not much of a materialist. Not that much of a collector. My passion, writing cannot be purchased in a store, or crafted by someone else, I have to do it myself. Continue reading “C is for Collection #AtoZChallenge”