W is for Waiting #AtoZChallenge

W is for Waiting

waiting for the bus
waiting for it to snow
waiting for the second pink line
waiting for a yes, for a no, an answer
waiting for a green light
waiting for the rain to stop
waiting to be admitted to university Continue reading “W is for Waiting #AtoZChallenge”

S is for Secret #AtoZChallenge

S is for Secret

Many many years ago, our next door neighbour came to see my mother to share a secret with her. I found my conversation with my mum interrupted so that our neighbour could share what weighed her heart. She said that it would be better if I left the room, because she was going to share a secret with my mom. I did not want to leave, this was not a good friend of my mother’s, my mother was good friends with her girlfriend. For some reason my mom did not think that it was necessary for me to leave either, she did not join in on our neighbour’s request. Of course I would have left the adults alone if I had been asked by my mother, but I surely would have eavesdropped from the top of the stairs…  Continue reading “S is for Secret #AtoZChallenge”

N is for Nine #AtoZChallenge

N is for Nine

I am a 9, a 36/9 to be exact. On top of that I am in year 9, thus closing a cycle.

About a year ago I picked up my mom’s copy of Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live (in German). Since then I have looked at it more than once. I have not read the whole book, but I have looked at passages. Mostly skimming through for interesting information, I had conversation with S, which lead him to take the decision to enrol in a course last year and finally pursue his passion.

Back then I did read a bit about my own number or numbers but never in depth. I did that after my mother died, maybe to take my mind off things, but also to find my path, just like I am using this year’s A to Z Challenge to figure out where I want to go next.  Continue reading “N is for Nine #AtoZChallenge”

L is for Learn #AtoZChallenge

L is for Learn

Everyday we learn something new. A new skill, a new word, a new recipe. Everyday we discover something new.

Life long learning exists, it is the natural way of living. We might be learning less or at a slower pace than kids when we are adults, but we still learn.

Kids, you can watch them learn. Learn to independently move. Learn to communicate. Learn to climb the stairs. Learn to do shoelaces. Learn to count. Learn to write their name. Learn to eat with cutlery. Learn to express themselves. Learn to read and write.  Continue reading “L is for Learn #AtoZChallenge”