Spotlight On: A Fall Fairy Tale by Nicola Werner

Remember those leave piles in your back yard? Did you jump into them? Did you hide inside them and let the fall sun tickle your skin?

When I lived in the US with my parents and my sister, I had the possibility to enjoy a real autumn (actually quite a few), not one of those cold soggy ones I am used to in Europe. No, it was a fall with golden leaves, squirrels hiding nuts, dears eating crabapples, warm October days…

Watching all these events unfold lead my always creative mother to write a book illustrated with water paints. A present for my sister, and a happy memory spiced up with a little magic.

But see for yourself, the story written in 2002 is slowly unfolding on @themusicinyou_ my mother’s post humous Instagram channel. Can you tell who’s who?

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The Artist

The Artist

Magnetically attracted, she walked towards the woman sitting on a bench in the parc. As if she was an old  acquaintance, an old friend, a member of our family.

But no, it was only a stranger who had a magical attraction upon my daughter. My little one was just a few weeks over one-year-old, feeling more and more comfortable walking while holding my hand of course. And now she had targeted this woman, who was enjoying the February sun.

The woman on the bench started talking to her, little one seemed even more confident and went on. At first, the lady took her for a little Monsieur, maybe it was this misunderstanding that got us talking. Being a proud mom, I always set things right and tell people that little one is, in fact, a girl. Continue reading “The Artist”