She had been blessed with natural beauty.

He studied her sun-kissed face.

There was not even the slightest hint of makeup.

Yet, he felt that she was more beautiful than any girl that had ever been this close to him.

“Hatchi” she sneezed.

“Sorry”, she muttered while trying to regain her original position.

He smiled, she had a voice clear as a river at its source.

“Now class, Jessica has just changed her position, I am curious to see how well you adapt to this change”

He frowned, he had expected a different name.

Jessica continued looking out of the window as if she was observing something beautiful and not the rush hour traffic jam.

“Tom, now that’s interesting!”

Madame Mauve made him jump.

“What is it?”

“Jessica’s face is almost drawn to a photographic precision”

Jessica tried to suppress a giggle and turned scarlet in a flash second.

“Wait until the colour drains from her face, else you will not be happy with the outcome” Madame Mauve advised the class.

“So where was I? Yes. So you left out her scar.”

“What scar?” Tom looked at his drawing and Jessica, puzzled, as he could not see her scar.

Jessica forgot not to move, her hand following the long scar on her face.

“And then Tom, she’s not exactly wearing wings! This is a portrait class and today we are focusing on drawing a photo-like as possible! And wings just don’t fit the picture!”

Tom, looked down at the picture he had drawn.

“What’s going on here? I cannot hear a single pencil!”

Quickly the other students tried to pretend to be working on their portraits, but their smirks gave them away.

They had seen the scar, you had to be blind to miss it.

And Jessica? She was longing for all of these people to go home, so she could finally speak to Tom.

He was the first person that she knew off to have seen her wings.


It’s almost time for …

It’s almost time for the annual Advent Calendar

All I need is your contribution and for time to pass a little slower so that everyone can be creative and I can review and set up the posts.

the world of orchidsLast year I had the crazy idea to host a multi-contributor advent calendar. It worked great and many contributors found new readers and friends and many of loyal readers found blogs they enjoy reading. Memories, stories and traditions were shared. If you want an idea, then see here.

This year, I am looking for 24 contributions let’s make that 25 to start in style on the first advent Sunday with a pre-calendar post (I might accept more to do super Advent Sundays).

So what am I looking for?

For this year I thought that stories should take the centre stage. Flash and micro fiction, longer short stories, stories told through poems, songs, photos, paintings, drawings, short films… The stories should be in the holiday spirit (Christmassy, Decembery {winery or summery depending on your story and hemisphere it is set in} as well as influenced by other religious or pagan celebrations that happen towards the end of the year). If you are unsure you can always “pitch” your idea.

Writing/creating guidelines:

  • Be creative
  • Tell a story, fiction, non fiction, a legend etc.
  • Don’t worry about word count if it’s 0 words for a snow scene painting, a haiku, 50 words for a piece of Santa flash fiction or 1500 for a touching story about fining a Christmas tree in the desert then that’s ok
  • Use only images that you have the right to use (google does not translate as copyright free)
  •  When using images that you did not take, but have the permission to use, credit the artist and link to the source, even if you are using a site such as pixabay
  • Respect your deadline – standard deadline is 3 days prior to the post’s publication, but there is an exception for those posts that go up from the 1st to the 5th of December (I am super busy Thanksgiving and the first Sunday of December, and am quite sure that I will have next to no time to edit and post stories at that time) so I would be grateful if your post arrives in my inbox on the 25th of November or before.
  • You can use something that you have posted on your blog before and that you feel should have some more reads.
  • Send your story in the body of an email, a word document, text format or in pages – just if you are using images, please don’t put them into your word document

Bio guidlines:

  • write a bio about yourself, if you are shy/don’t know what to write I can write one, or ask a friend
  • include links to your website, blog, social profiles…
  • if you have books, paintings, music or anything else that you might offer, coaching, teaching, etsy products etc. let us know
  • you can include a picture of yourself

Commenting guidlines:

  • Aim to reply to 2 to 3 comments that have been left on your contribution
  • Do your bit, check out the stories that have been posted the day before and after yours, for example your post is the 10th, then check out the 9th and the 11th. If your post on the 1st then check out the 24th and the 2nd, and if you are the 24th well then check out the 23rd and the 1st. You don’t have to do it on the date in question, just do it before the end of December, so that everyone gets at least a few reads
  • Feel free to share the posts that you enjoy, as well as your own

And now send me a message either by filling out the contact box below or directly if you already have my email address.

Include: the top 3 dates you would like to post on (1-24 of December plus 27th of November), I will try to give you your first pick. Your idea, if you already have one, or the confirmation that you are in!

Get creative!

Thank you in advance for contributing. I might be slow with replies, so don’t stress about that.