The worst Christmas ever by Tess M Garfield  – Day 4 Advent 2017

Gazing through the living room window, Jessica lacks the excitement of every other seven-year-old girl she knows. It’s Christmas Eve, and instead of getting into her pyjamas ready for an early night, she has to travel to a cottage in the middle of who knows where—Mum’s idea of the perfect family Christmas.

Yuletide at Castle Marsh by Jemima Pett – Day 2 Advent Calendar 2017

Here we are in the lead-up to Yuletide again.  It’s such a busy time, but very enjoyable, and although he would never admit it, it’s a time Fred finds very stressful these days. There are a lot of duties on the King of Marsh, and he’s already despatched three of them, starting with the Solstice Speech, which traditionally reminds us of the passage of the sun round the sky and the Circle of Life.  This is not exactly what Fred’s Philosophical Thoughts say, as he has it on good authority that our world travels round the sun. 

Advent, Advent 2017!

Be part of the 3rd edition of multi-contributor Advent Calendar! Christmas is coming! No, this won't be a post about how Christmas products are arriving on the shelves way too early, they are in my mind... I know we haven't passed Halloween yet, but it is time that I make the big announcement EVERYONE has been waiting for since the 24th of December 2016...