Advent Calendar Day 18: Christmas Music with Kate Edwards

Number 18

Christmas Music with Kate Edwards

This is ‘Lonely This Christmas’, a song originally written and performed by the British band Mud in 1974. It was Christmas Number One at the time and is a very popular Christmas song still.

 I am a member of an experimental pop band in the North East of England called Brilliant Mind. A few years ago, Brilliant Mind did a cover of ‘Lonely This Christmas’, and dedicated the ending of the song to all the places in the North East where it might be lonely at Christmas! Our singer, Calum, lists lots of names of places that can be found in the North East such as Durham and lesser known places like Coxhoe and Warkworth.

You can find out more about Brilliant Mind here:

I also write and perform my songs myself, and released my debut single ‘Every Key’ at the start of the month. Here is a link to my website:


Advent Calendar Day 17: A Stinking Hot, Australian Christmas by Rowena Newton

number 17

A Stinking Hot, Australian Christmas by Rowena Newton

If you’re someone who insists on a white Christmas and needs a hot roast with your boiling hot Plum Pudding, perhaps you’d better visit someone else for Christmas lunch.

However, if you’re feeling game, you’re invited to celebrate a true-blue Aussie Christmas with us. We’ll be celebrating Christmas in Sydney and regardless of the forecast, it’s going to be an absolute scorcher. That means, that unless you find yourself a good tube of zinc cream, you’ll be out there pulling Santa’s sleigh alongside Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 17: A Stinking Hot, Australian Christmas by Rowena Newton”