Advent Calendar Day 22: Moments in Time by Melissa Barker-Simpson

22nd day of Christmas

Moments in Time by Melissa Barker-Simpson

The lights twinkled prettily on the tree, catching Wendy’s attention. She loved to hang the decorations, but more she loved to spend time with her daddy, and this was their time. A time when he told her stories that were full of Christmas magic.

 “What about this one, daddy. Tell me about this one.”

 He had shared the story many times, and his little girl never tired of hearing it. Still, when Dominic’s eyes hit the ornament, he remembered the day he received it so clearly, it became a looking glass to the past.

Dominic watched from beneath his shelter, as Indigo climbed from the old, silver Volvo. She had parked so close to the curb he’d heard the squeak of rubber against cement. He didn’t know her, had never spoken to her. She was Indigo because of her eyes; a blue so dark and piercing the first time he’d seen her, he forgot about his cold, damp clothes and wondered about the sadness he saw. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 22: Moments in Time by Melissa Barker-Simpson”

Advent Calendar Day 21: The Advent Calendar by Geoff Le Pard

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The Advent Calendar by Geoff Le Pard

 ‘What is it, Mum?’ Emily Smith, 14 looked up from her book.

Gilly, her mother said, ‘A parcel from Uncle Augustus. What’s he say? Dear Both. I’m so sorry to miss you this Christmas but I found this antique Advent Calendar in a strange little shop in Greater Petching and thought of you. The man said it’s already full of surprises.’

In moments they were staring at a dark wooden box, two foot square and six inches deep. On one side there were 24 little knobs in 3 rows of 8 but none moved. Gilly left Emily trying to work out how it opened. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 21: The Advent Calendar by Geoff Le Pard”