About Solveig

Solveig Werner writes more or less about everything and on an on and off basis, because sometimes life, work and other things get in the way. This blog was launched in March 2015 and has been home to two multi contributor advent calendars, 1st edition, 2nd edition. As well as a short lived guest series called Discovering Traditions. All of the blogs contributors can be found here.

If you like short stories and flash fiction, then you might find some things that you can enjoy. But there are also book reviews, interviews and travel posts as well childhood memories. This is just a small selection of what you might stumble upon…

Solveig currently lives in Paris with her fiancé and their two children. Since 2013 she’s been working as a German teacher. And she’s always happy to take on a few new students, no need to live in France.

If you want to find out more about Solveig, then read her blog! Or just hop over to her posts Autobiography and Who Am I?… The now not so regular coffee shares might be of interest too.


You can connect with her on twitter @SolveigJW and LinkedIn or right here on the blog.


Picture © Moritz Werner

37 thoughts on “About Solveig

    1. Thank you Cheryl, I have been neglecting to write in other languages. Well I guess I write in English as I teach German and use it to talk with my daughter and parents and speak French with my fiancé and with people in my everyday life.

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        1. My daughter is growing up bilingual and binational (German and French), but she does get exposed to English every once in a while. She’ll be great at German grammar as I have her around a lot when I teach…

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  1. Wow amazing that you are fluent in three languages! My daughter is as well with English, spanish and Arabic! So nice to meet you! I am Lynn, mom of 9 who raised her kids in Saudi! Please stop by and visit me

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  2. Hi Solveig! Thank for following my blog. I love yours as well, will be visiting, since I also like languages, write short stories and have just finished a crime novel. Love your pictures, too.

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  3. Thank you for your blog…Just want to wish you the best in upcoming year of 2017, and Happy Holidays. Great success in your work….


  4. Thank you for stopping by A Couple Stars and a Happy Face and liking the post on my cooking disaster! You have a fantastic blog here. I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve discovered thus far!!


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