Unmasking Santa Claus by R.A. Kerr | Day 17 | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 17 | Advent Calendar

Unmasking Santa Claus by R.A. Kerr

I was eight years old when I learned Santa Claus was not real.

Yes, I know. Eight years of age is pretty old to be blindsided by this news. And it came from my little brother. Who was five.

My family was driving to Christmas Eve mass. It was a cold, clear night, and I was studying the sky just in case that sneaky Claus decided to do a fly-by while we were at church.

I was worried. Christmas Eve was always stressful: What if we didn’t get home in time? What if there was some horrible, unrepented-for-deed I committed during the year? What if ol’ Claus forgot where we lived?

I must have been fretting – out loud – because my brother said, “Santa Claus isn’t real, you know.”

I whipped around in my seat. “What?!”

“I said he’s not real.” He was oh-so smug.

I suddenly realized the hard truth of it. A heavy man flying around in a motorless sled? Powered by REINDEER? Impossible! What on earth was I thinking?

I felt ripped off and not a little foolish. But I’m sure my family was secretly grateful to my five-year old brother for containing the biggest source of stress on Christmas Eve: Me.

Author Bio:

R.A. Kerr is a freelance writer and a passionate classic movie fan who writes about old movies at silverscreenings.org.

28 thoughts on “Unmasking Santa Claus by R.A. Kerr | Day 17 | Advent Calendar 2016

  1. I remember being in kindergarten. It was story time and Mrs. Hart read a book to us. I don’t remember the book but what I remember is that after the story, she said, “You all know there is no Santa Claus, right?” I was heart broken!

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      1. Yes. It was. I remember crying on the way home from school but not saying anything about why. I kept the secret that I knew for a long time. I had younger siblings and didn’t want to ruin it for them.

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  2. I think my kids may have suspected for quite some time the whole thing was just a huge lie we all told in order to coerce children into behaving, but they didn’t let on, because I think they secretly loved to see me squirm while trying to answer their pointed questions about Santa (lies begetting more lies).
    Great post!!!!

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  3. Not surprised you still remember this. Beautifully written. ❤ I did laugh out loud at the ending, though. Nice touch. Now that we're older, the holidays are stressful in a completely different way. Ah, well. They are also full of magic.

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